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STREFA RELAKSU jest odpowiedzią na potrzeby naszych Gości. Czy to w trakcie podróży służbowej czy rekreacyjnej, zapraszamy do miejsca, którym Goście zaznają odprężenia, relaksu i wyciszenia:


  • SAUNA sucha (fińska) jest świetną formą pielęgnacji, która pomoże wyeliminować skutki zmęczenia i usunąć toksyny z organizmu, a pod wpływem wysokiej temperatury ciało nabierze zdrowego kolorytu i poprawi się krążenie krwi.

  • SIŁOWNIA dla wszystkich, którzy prowadzą aktywny tryb życia i lubią życie w ciągłym ruchu. Sala wyposażona jest w profesjonalny sprzęt do ćwiczeń, szatnię i prysznic.

  • OZI SPA z myślą o Gościach, którzy chcą poczuć relaks na własnej skórze. W ofercie dostępne są zabiegi na twarz, które sprawdzą się w pielęgnacji każdego typu cery oraz masaże, które po ciężkim dniu pomogą się odprężyć. Do dyspozycji Gości jest cały wachlarz masaży, a każdy z nich pobudzi mięśnie, skórę i układ krążenia oraz pomoże zlikwidować napięcie.



The unique Ozi Spa & Wellnhess is an ideal harbour  for body and soul. We draw inspiration from the richness of Middle Eastern and Oriental cultures, which just so happen 
to be our specialty along with Ayurverdic massages. 
The combination of original treatments, friendly atmosphere and modern interiors 
is a guarantee of exceptional sensations for body and soul. 




Day SPA For Her...120 min, 590 PLN

• Gentle, energizing full body peeling by Salco au Naturel
• Aroma therapeutic massage with Heaven Pol candle
• Paraffin treatment for hands and feet
• Selected, basic treatment for the face (relaxing, moisturizing, clay), adapted to the needs of your skin

Chocolate Bliss...90 min, 460 PLN

• Gentle, energizing full body peeling by Salco au Naturel
• Aroma therapeutic massage with Heaven Pol candle
• Paraffin treatment for hands and feet
• Selected, basic treatment for the face (relaxing, moisturizing, clay), adapted to the needs of your skin

Day SPA For Him​...90 min, 460 PLN

• Gentle, energizing full body chocolate peeling by Salco au Naturel
• Relaxing full body massage with hot chocolate
• Chocolate balm, which perfectly nourishes the skin, leaving a sensual chocolate aroma



Aromatic Day SPA...120 min, 860 PLN

• Gentle, energizing full body peeling by Salco au Naturel
• Aroma therapeutic massage with Heaven Pol candle
• Selected, basic treatment for the face (relaxing, moisturizing, with clay), adapted to the needs of your skin

Relaxing Day SPA...90 min, 570 PLN

• Relaxing whole body massage
• Facial massage

Chocolate Day SPA...90 min, 760 PLN

• Gentle energizing full body peeling by Salco au Naturel
• Massage with hot chocolate
• Chocolate body balm which leaves the skin perfectly nourished

Ajurvedic Day SPA...120 min, 860 PLN

• Herbal peeling with red clay and anise
• Facial massage
• Clay face mask
• Abhyanga massage with warm black sesame oil



Abhyanga...60 min, 320 PLN
Ayurvedic full body massage with warm black sesame oil. Fluid, rhythmic, deep relaxing massage.

Udvartana...45 min, 320 PLN
Dynamic massage combined with strong pressure and kneading. It is made on the basis of herbal powders with the addition of chickpea flour, barley and red clay. Perfectly aligns skin defects after the first treatment, and after the entire series, cellulite reduction and reduction are visible body circumferences.

Shirodhara...45 min, 320 PLN
This head treatment provides an incredible experience, almost a trance effect. It supports helps to find harmony between body and soul. It consists of pouring warm oil on the point between the eyebrows and a proper treatment of the head, neck, shoulders and back. It stimulates hair growth by nourishing hair roots and reducing muscle tension.

Shiroabhyanga...90 min, 490 PLN
It is a combination of abhyanga and shirodhara, which is a full body treatment and head massage with pouring of a warm black sesame oil over the forehead.

Massage With Mountains Crystals​...60 min, 320 PLN
Massage with beautifully colored mountain crystals with warm Ayurvedic oil.

Thai Foot...30 min, 190 PLN
The relaxing ritual for feet begins with bathing and rubbing feet with Himalayan salt, and then with intensive treatment of feet and shins.

Japanese Facial Massage​...30 min, 200 PLN
Unique, rejuvenating facial massage, which stimulates acupressure points on the body. It regulates the activity of hormones, supports blood circulation and stimulates collagen production.



Massage With Candle​...50 min, 270 PLN
Candles made of pure, natural shea butter with the addition of natural fragrance oil perfectly elasticize and moisturize the skin.

Chinese Bubble Massage​...40 min, 130 PLN
Chinese bubble treatment reduces cellulite (at every stage of development), accelerates metabolism and improves blood circulation. (Treatment for the abdomen, thighs and buttocks).

Hot Chocolate Massage...50 min, 270 PLN
By warming up the body and stimulating the senses, it causes secretion of endorphins, which are hormones of happiness.

Classic Partial Massage​...25 min, 120 PLN
It is a relaxing and therapeutic treatment – especially helpful in alleviating such ailments as mental tension, muscle spasms, joint and muscle pains and headaches.

Classic/Relaxing Full Body Massage...50 min, 220 PLN
Classic or relaxing massage of the whole body with a relaxing and healing effect.

Sport Massage...50 min, 270 PLN
It is an intensive massage applied before or after physical activity. The purpose of the massage is to prepare the muscles for activity or regeneration after training. Techniques are selected individually.

Face Massage...30 min, 150 PLN
As a result of the facial massage, the skin gains a healthy color, which indicates the stimulation of circulation and dilatation of blood vessels. Thanks to this, the skin  is oxygenated better.



Ozi SPA Modeling Treatment...120 min, 350 PLN

• Bamboo brush peeling which improves blood circulation
• Chinese bubble massage (abdomen, thighs and buttocks) according to the technique and OZI SPA's recipe, with a blend of essential oils and base oils improving skin firmness
• Abdomen, thighs, buttocks and shoulders muscles training with help of electrostimulation which strengthens and shapes the figure
• Toning and muscle tension removing in specific parts of the body with electrostimulation

Electrostimulation​...60 min, 150 PLN
Training of abdomen, thighs, buttocks and arms muscles with electric impulses  combined with toning and removing of muscle tension in specific parts of the body. 

Full Body Peeling...30 min, 120 PLN
Peeling nourishes and oils the skin, optimally moisturizes it, ensuring its velvety smoothness. After the treatment, a pleasant film remains on the skin, which naturally protects against moisture loss.



Rejuvenation and regeneration with face and head massage...60 min, 220 PLN
An exceptionally pleasant treatment for someone who need relaxation and self-care. The treatment gives the effect of a noticeable smoothing and long-lasting regenerationof the skin.

SOTHYS Hydra 3Ha Intensive moisturizing and rejuvenating treatment...75 min, 390 PLN
An exclusive, moisturizing and rejuvenating ritual designed to hydrate all skin types, based on a special protocol of six unique phases and exclusive Digi-esthétique® massage techniques combined with modern active ingredients.

SOTHYS βP3 Intensive Rejuvenating Treatment​...75 min, 390 PLN
An ultra-sophisticated treatment characterized by intensely personalized products using expert method of application widely used in Sothys treatments. It is an 1 hour and 15 minutes of targeted action to combat the signs of skin ageing: reduction and prevention of wrinkles, prevention of skin sagging.

Regenerating face with a sheet mask treatment​...60 min, 220 PLN
This is an explosion of vitamins and regeneration contained in the sheet with active vitamin C, niacin and algae giving the skin an immediate effect of regeneration and moisturizing.




For your safety and comfort of all Ozi Spa & Wellness, please book your visit by calling:

+48 504 086 587, +48 81 718 02 34, +48 661 575 121


Opening hours: Monday-Saturday from 14:00 to 22:00. Sunday from 13:00 to 20:00

Out of opening hours we add 50% of the treatments value.


Reservation of treatments is valid up to 15 minutes after the agreed date. If the Guest is more than 15 minutes late from the agreed booking date, Ozi Spa reserves the right to cancel the booking or shorten the treatment time without the possibility of reducing the price of the treatment.


It is possible to cancel the reservation of the visit 12 hours before the planned time of the procedure without incurring costs. If the treatment is canceled 6 hours before the planned visit, Ozi Spa reserves the right to charge 50%
of the treatment value, and if the cancellation takes place less than 6 hours before the planned treatment 100%
of the treatment value. Ozi Spa reserves the right to change the opening hours.


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